Hi everyone I’m starting my own marketing business. I figure use my public affairs skills for something worthwhile.

It’s called Ride4CauseChallengeCoins.

My friends ride their bicycles for different activities like “The Boob Ride” which raises money for breast cancer research. Some of my friends run, so later we will include doing Marathons or Triathlons.

The first event is RAGBRAI- riding bicycle across the state of Iowa - 500 miles. Conquering Iowa and PTSD one mile at a time. It also marks the 50th Anniversary of this event. My first challenge coin is raising money for The Gary Sinise Foundation - would have been wounded warrior but I wanted to include First Responders since myself and my riders were/are First Responders. PTSD is a high priority for me, especially after 911 and First Responders.

My Fathers served in the Army, Marine Corp and Air Force. During WWII and Vietnam. Many of my friends and family are currently serving or recently served. I’ve seen it firsthand, and I’ve seen how we have all come together in support. I myself deal with depression and I’ll admit I’ve seen down the rabbit hole, and if I can make a difference in providing a way to help get assistance to others it’s all worth it. I wanted to launch during June - Mental Health Awareness Month but I missed by a few days.

Eventually I’ll be offering my services to create event or charity challenge coins for other groups to raise money for their cause. Thanks for reading this. Have a great day.